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Reg Park: The Legend



Jon Harris WNBF Professional Natural Bodybuilder

Natural Bodybuilding News Info from the world of British Natural Bodybuilding

Nate Harvey's Average Joe Muscle Would You like to Build Muscle Size and Strength Despite the Demands of Work/School & Family?

Trudy Wood Natural Figure Competitor in the UK

Christian Finn's Facts About Fitness Discover the fastest ways to lose fat, build muscle and get fit

Master Trainer Richard A. Winett's informative web page

SANDOW PLUS: Online Texts from the Golden Age of Iron Men

ExRx Online A Good Structural Kinesiology and Exercise Reference

Natural Strength "Maximum" Bob Whelan's strength training think tank

Strength Online Strength & Power for the Masses

Bony Joe's Weight Pit A strong powerlifter

Cyberpump! The Home of HIT (High Intensity Training)

Dr. Squat Fred Hatfield's website

Testosterone Nation An Informative Online Resource

Review: Captains of Crush Grippers from IronMind

Review: Ivanko Supergripper Ever wonder how all those settings measure up?

Fitness Pros Bodybuilding Bodybuilding - Fitness Resources

The Grip Page maintained by Svein Olav Nyberg A good all 'round Powerlifting page

Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc. Bodybuilding And Fitness

IronOnline Bodybuilding, Nutrition, Motivation made simple by Dave Draper Serving the Sport of Strength Athletics

The Texas Powerlifting Scene

About Bodybuilding Information resource community center for bodybuilders.

Dan John's very informative page

Discussion Boards

Visit the HIT and Abbreviated Forum!

Visit the Natural Bodybuilding Forum!
A great forum frequented by many UK drug-free Bodybuilders

Joe Roark's IronHistory Forums

Reg Park Forum discussion board

Jon Harris Forum WNBF Professional Natural Bodybuilder

The Weight Room "Yet another online lifting forum"

Supertraining devoted to sports, strength and fitness science, training, therapy and education

Wanna Be Big Forum Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Forums

Various Forums GOHEAVY.COM's Forums

International Bodybuilder's Co-Operative Forum All Natural - Steroid Free Discussion Forum Dr. Squat's Training Forum

APA American Powerlifting Association Forum

Global Power Canadian/Worldwide Global Power Forum

The Ring Throwers Discussion Board

Powerlifting.CA Forum The Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Discussion Forum

Animal Ability Training & diet nature's way - weights, sprints, odd objects, etc.

Crain's Muscle World, Ltd Power Forum

The Texas Powerlifting Scene Forum

Galleries And Tributes

MuscleMemory Preserving the History of Bodybuilding


IWF homepage International Weightlifting Federation Official Homepage

USA Weightlifting Their Official Hompage

QWA homepage Queensland Weightlifting Association Homepage

The World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation Official Website

NASA Natural Athlete Strength Association

USPF United States Powerlifting Federation

WNPF World Natural Powerlifting Federation

USA Powerlifting The American Drug Free Powerlifting Association (ADFPA)

IPF The International Powerlifting Federation's Official Site

CPU The Canadian Powerlifting Union

CPA The Canadian Powerlifting Association

The European Powerlifting Federation Official Website

WPA/APA World Powerlifting Alliance/American Powerlifting Association hompage

USAPLNationals.COM Drug-tested Powerlifting

United States All-Round Weighlifting Association Strongmen and Strongwomen

Link Sites

O WOW! Olympic Weightlifting On the Web

A & S - Bodybuilding-Directory Links And Resources...

Weight Training Equipment/Books/Videos Sites

Bill Hinbern's Catalogue of Classic Training Texts and Videos

Hardgainer Online Stuart McRobert's website

IronMind Stronger minds, stronger bodies.

Safe-USA Weightlifting and Powerlifting Gear

Adidas Makers Of The World's Most Popular Weightlifting Shoes

Crain's Muscle World, Inc ...supplying Powerlifters, Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes

Non-Weight Training Related Sites

The Poddys Food Drink and Recipe Guide

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PubMed National Library of Medicine - A Searchable Gold Mine!

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